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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”- Aristotle. Giving respect to these sagacious words, SAIM continuously works in all aspects of its students to make excellence their habit, not just a one-time act. When good-natured students come to SAIM, we nurture them in such a way that when they complete their few years journey at SAIM and go further in their career, they are admired for their intelligence, personalities, attitude, competencies, work ethics and soft skills. SAIM tries to bring the best in its students through the best possible teaching resources, practical exposures, experiential learning such as case studies, role-playing, internships, lecture series, practical exposures so that they can face the market as a corporate athlete with both technical expertise and emotional intelligence. The amenable and learning culture at SAIM do enhance the amicable relationship among faculty and students so that SAIM can bring the best out of them and live up to our tagline SAIM for SUCCESS. Here at SAIM, we work on students’ competencies, ability and capabilities to pave their path towards success. Thus, providing a holistic learning environment, taking care of the confidence in their eyes, genuine smiles on their faces, and humbleness in their nature, SAIM promise to provide the potential candidates who are visionaries, critical decision-makers, change agents and above all good human beings.

Message from the Principal

Ashok Raj Pandey

During his professional career, Mr Pandey has been involved in various fields with a number of national and international firms. He was actively involved in marketing Nepal as a major garment producer in the US, served as a financial analyst at Montgomery Ward in Chicago and as an associate in an insurance company in Boston, worked as a financial analyst at the Nepal Industrial Development Corporation and as the training and project analysis chief at the Industrial Development Center in Nepal. Mr Pandey teaches corporate finance and investment management to the students of MBA (Global Business) at SAIM College.




Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) provides a fundamental education in business and management principles allowing students to specialize in one of multiple concentration areas, including business economics, administration, finance, human resources, or accounting. The programme enables graduates to explore various real-life opportunities that help them later in managing companies. It also develops sound professionals with entrepreneurship skills who can run business ventures in a contemporary or international context. So, it is a preparation for a lot more than a career in business and has national importance.

MBA in Global Business

With the vision to become a reputed regional learning center, the MBA (Global Business) at SAIM College provides a value driven and globally competitive business degree. At SAIM College, students are exposed to case studies of global trends and business practices that have a direct impact on their career and professional success. The business community in Nepal must no longer remain complacent, especially since South Asia is becoming one of the world's leading investment hubs. Therefore, managers are now required to adapt and acquire agile skills in a rapidly changing business environment. MBA Global Business has the same structure as the MBA General with additional courses on global business such as Business Development in Asia, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Negotiation.



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