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Who are We? The Times International College/SS established in 2000, has been consistent in its approach to redefine how quality education should be imparted to students in ways that do not only nurture their academic knowledge and skills, but also encourage and motivate them to become better human beings. We strive to attain the challenging goal of blending competitive education with a range of extracurricular activates so that our students can excel in activates and situations that demand their personal knacks on issues that do not usually make subjects in their class rooms. We are ore inclined towards developing and maintaining an educational environment conducive to students with different interests and aspirations. We believe that such an approach to education is both prompt and pertinent for the overall development of students from pure academic pursuits or extracurricular ambitions. There is a saying “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changeling himself/herself” and TTIC makes the students prepare to change themselves towards positive attitudes.

Message from the Chairman

Mr. TikaRam Sapkota

With education at an inflection point, we, at Platinum Management College and The Times International College, are conscious of our responsibility as premier schools of the country in the field of Management Studies and Science Education, and therefore groom future business leaders, managers and scientists by following a judicious blend of theory and practice using highly scientific and innovative pedagogy. We strongly believe that students are soft clay and they can be molded in desired shapes by academically and morally sound faculties, and strong and dedicated management team for which our colleges are proud of. Our endeavor is to produce system thinkers and business/management problem solvers who can make this world a better place to live. That’s why, within few years of inception our colleges have emerged as leading schools of the country in education sector. We teach students the theories and concepts to analyze how and why the things behave in the way they do, e.g., how and why markets behave in the way they do, and use multiple methods-lectures, cases, simulations, field surveys, pair works, group works and other task based approaches to impart the required knowledge and develop the skills, and attitudes. Teaching methods, approaches and techniques we use enable and encourage students to challenge conventional wisdom and come up with innovative solutions to social, environmental and business problems. We aim at imparting quality education with a vision to be a national center of excellence and the mission to develop innovative and ethical future business leaders and decision makers to fulfill the pressing needs of the country. Since our team greatly believes in performances, not in promises, we are dedicated and devoted to make our students saleable in the world markets. We don’t give fish to our students rather we teach them how to fish themselves and we also instruct them; “You can’t do things differently until you see things differently.” Above all, we always advocate for the love and contribution students can give for the nation, nationality and national sovereignty. We instill a nation-loving thought in our students that prioritizes “Mother and motherland are lovelier than the heaven.” If you are stimulated for a high quality education with the state-of art facilities, and aspire to be motivated by rigorous academics, then the Platinum Management College and Times International can be exciting places for you.




Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is 4 years, 8 semester course of Tribhuvan University, Faculty of Management. The BBM program of Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University is designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future.


Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) incorporates management concepts & reality-based skills integrating them with the latest changes in the business environment. The programme concentrates on specialized areas such as accounting, finance, human resource management, or marketing. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as language, economics, statistics, and law that help students to understand management practices & market needs. Because of the entrepreneurial skills & functional expertise nurtured, graduates eventually become effective agents of change in society.


Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate course which deals with information technology and computer applications. The course imparts knowledge about different computer applications and how to solve and address the problems which arise from a computer and its applications.


BA/BSW program intends to facilitate the students to evolve as capable social workers, development professionals, researchers, lecturers or government officers. The program gives parallel emphasis on theoretical and practical aspects of education in order to enable the students to internalize different concepts and to connect abstract ideas with real life situations, thereby bridging the gulf between education and life. We provide enough exposure to the students in the form of various visits, field trips, interaction programs, workshops, seminars, presentations, and students’ publications. We believe that 21st century learners are the architects of their own destiny and we have managed a highly congenial and conducive environment for their academic moulding and professional growth. The College has been working with about 97 different organizations in which our students get opportunities to link classroom learning with practical aspects of life and to understand the complex intersections between theories and practices. It provides them with opportunities to have some experience, of the challenges and hardships of professional life strongly preparing them for future careers. The students have also been guided and facilitated to organize blood donation programs, sanitation campaigns, and awareness raising programs, ethnographic studies, case studies and action researches. Moreover our frequent cultural visits to different ethnic communities have been helping them to develop an in-depth understanding of our cultural diversity and it has supported them to be culturally responsive professionals. Also regular internal assessment system of the college works in keeping the students at the right track throughout the session.



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