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Nepalaya College, one of the leading educational institutions, located in the heart of capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, is in less than 2 minutes’ walking distance from Kalanki chowk to the direction of Kalimati which is almost opposite to Kalanki temple (Kalanki mandir). Since the establishment in 1999 A.D. College has been working with absolute dedication adopting progressive learning method for the holistic development of the students to contribute in the overall education system of the nation. In fact, the establishment of Nepalaya College was the call of time as (we sensed) there was necessity of such educational institution which could bridge the gap between the students and their aspiration for quality education. We believe that education is worthless if it does not uplift communities and provide them viable avenues of sustainable development. So, we trust in social bonding that we have created with our social and local clubs to serve our community when they are in need of our support.

Message from the Principal

Krishna Prasad Dotel

Dear Students, Welcome at Nepalaya: A LOCAL GLOBAL SCHOOL The academic programs' strength of Nepalaya attracted me to join this creative and farsighted Nepalaya team. The current changing teaching environment with the changed classroom teaching scenario compelled us to adopt virtual class as an integral part of teaching learning practice makes me ready to accept this challenge as an opportunity to give this institution something different and its students something better that they deserve as well as essential for everyone to be a global citizen.My two decades of service in education industry as an educationist as well as an international education administrator has made me experienced enough to carter quality education in this college with excellent leaning environment



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Kalanki, Kathmandu


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