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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck for your future endeavors!

I am very much excited to welcome a fresh batch of talented students in the college. It is a fact that the college has become a center of attraction for students coming from every part of the country. This is the reason, I believe, that prompted even the toppers of the SLC Board examination to choose MEGA for their academic pursuit. The achievements of Meganians in HSEB and TU Examinations and their unparalleled success in achieving national and international scholarships to study Medicine, Engineering, and Management courses are some facts that speak of the academic excellence of MEGA.

Enriched by a team of highly talented and motivated faculty, the college is committed to providing an open, caring and multi-cultural learning environment built on the core values of integrity, responsibility, and dignity. The college has an unwavering commitment to developing it into a mega center of academic excellence. It provides the ideal ambiance for a student to seek and attain the heights of success.

I would like to invite you, the young talented graduates aspiring for quality education in Science, Management and Humanities, to visit the college and find out whether it meets your expectations or not.

Welcome to you all!

Prof. Dr. Hom Nath Bhattarai


Life at Nepal Mega College

Our Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA)-TU

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA)-TU

The objective of the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) at the faculty of Humanities and Social Science of Tribhuwan University is to produce high quality computer application users and developers.

Duration of the Program

The program of study for Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) is over a period of eight semesters (four academic years). The academic year begins in September and February of each year.

Entry Requirement

The entry requirement for students in Bachelor of Arts of Computer Application (BCA) is Intermediate Level or Higher Secondary Level (10+2) or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized institution with at least second division (45%) marks or D+ in grade system. Besides the basic academic requirement, an entrance examination will be conducted for all applicants by the concerned Dean's office.

Admission Procedure

The entrance test application form shall be provided to the students from the front desk of the college. The eligible candidates are informed to appear in nthe entrance test. The candidates shall be admitted in merit basis. The subjects and weightage of each subject for the Entrance test will be as follow:
  1. English : 40%
  2. Mathematics : 50%
  3. General Knowledge : 10%
After passing the entrance test conducted by the Dean Office College conducts interviews for the candidates before their final selection for admission. The candidates, who are given provisional admission pending submission of the qualifying certificates, are required to submit all necessary document within a week of the beginning of regular classes. Otherwise, the admission will be annulled.
Academic Schedule
The academic session of the University consists of two semesters per year. The Fall semester begins in September and the Spring Semester begins in February. For the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) program, student admission may commence either in the Fall Semester or in the Spring Semester.
Student Evaluation
The student's academic performance during a semester is evaluated using the system of continuous assessment (Internal Assessment and External Assessment)

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)-TU

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)-TU

This program aims at transforming the students into enviable managers and leaders in different business sectors. Our institutional links with different business houses, corporate sectors, and banks allows our students to have a valuable internship during college life itself. Despite this, TU has upgraded BBS into a four years program that has added world-class charm to it. Special features of the BBS program at Mega are:

Why BBS at MEGA?


The college has established an official link with different banks. Students are sent to different Banks and Business Houses in Kathmandu for their internship throughout the three academic years. They complement their theoretical knowledge with matching practice experience. Thus our BBS program draws on the BBA program, thereby enabling our graduates to be on par with the BBA pass-outs.


Exclusive Classes

Regular Computer & Accounting classes are provided for those students who are looking for a career in Banking and Industry. IELTS/TOEFL classes are run for those students who aspire to go abroad for further studies. Similarly, Loksewa preparation classes and regular tests are conducted to make it easier for students to complete the examinations for the job.

Banking Training Courses

With the advent of numerous banks and financial institutions in the country, the Banking sector is offering opportunities for employment. Our accounting and banking training courses are designed to address the need of those who seek Banking/Accounting as their future career.

Bachelor of Arts Social work ( BSW)-TU

Bachelor of Arts Social work ( BSW)-TU

Bachelor of Arts Social Work puts more stress on practical than theoretical knowledge. It is a three year's course in which students are sent to different organizations to familiarize themselves with current social issues. Students of BSW work for organizations twice a week as trainees.

BSW programs at MEGA prepares each students to live and lead in all the endeavors. It fosters critical thinking, positive action and service to others. It challenges students to go beyond career preparation. It encourages the students to be job creator rather than job seekers, creative designers of the future.

Social Work Specialization (BSW)

Social Work puts more stress on practical than theoretical knowledge. It is a three year's course in which students are sent to different organizations in kathmandu to familiarize themselves with current social issues. Students work for organizations twice a week as trainees. Social workers plan, develop and implement welfare services. Recently, the college has been working with more than 60 organizations where our students have been involved. English Literature & Rural Development are optional subjects by the pursuit of which students acquire liberal education and obtain knowledge about development matters.

Mass Communication and Journalism

Mass Communication and Journalism are two of the most striking disciplines of study in Humanities. Media limelight attracts many students to these disciplines. At Mega students of Mass Communication and Journalism are sent to different media houses to learn about the latest trends in mass media.

Features of Bachelors Programs

Job Placement Opportunity.

Nepal Mega College is one of the best colleges for Management and Social Studies in Kathmandu where we have been focusing on practical based quality education. We have been simply following the Syllabus designed by Tribhuvan University but we are making different to it. We have corporate relation with different corporate houses where our competent students will be placed after completion after their degrees.


Real knowledge comes through different research program. Mega offers value-based education that insists on real-time scenarios and researches. Researches are powerful ways to help people learn and to produce lasting change in their behavior and habits. A Mega Research would be a small set of universal instructional principles that can be applied to produce efficient and robust student learning for any educational goal.

Regular Visiting lecture

Regular guest lectures from different professionals from our concerned area are invited over the time to share their experiences and expertise with us. We believe guest lectures are a practical and feasible solution. Inviting guest lecturers into the classroom offers a great opportunity for students to learn other viewpoints within a discipline, and to hear about current research and practical applications.

Career Development Program Interaction and seminar

We care our students. We want them to excel in every fields of their life. Thus we help them providing career development programs. We organize interaction programs with experts and expose our students to real world. This is the way to generate succession pipeline

Lesson plans

To organize a teaching material in time frame, we strongly recommend our teachers to develop a lesson plan. This develops self confidence in teachers and stimulates teachers to think in organized manner. When teachers understand the objectives properly, they can deliver the best.

Discipline (Regular attendance of the students)

Discipline and Mega are synonyms. We donit thrash our students to remain on discipline rather consult them about their career objectives. These lead the increase in rate of presence of the students in class. The attendance record of our students on past year was overwhelming. We observed significant changes on students when their attendance was closely followed. This is just because we uproot the cause of absenteeism and treat them properly. We consult to their parents and their problems.

Mandatory for the Examination

It is necessary to test what students have learnt during the year. We have built a mechanism where all the students take part on their terminal examinations. This makes them more robust to face board examinations.

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism (BAMCJ)

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism (BAMCJ)

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism (BAMCJ)

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

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