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National School of Sciences

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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

The National School of Sciences (NSS) is a premier education institute managed by the NIST Foundation that was established nearly three decades ago. The core objectives of the foundation, as an apex body, have been to establish education institutions, and provide students academic programmes from pre–school to high school to university. Today, there are nine academic institutions under the NIST Foundation across the Valley, and they offer different academic programmes such as Science, Management, IT, Pharmacy, Food Technology, Microbiology among others. I attribute the success of the institutions to the hard work, dedication and commitment of our teachers, admin staff and leadership team and trust and support of parents, students and other stakeholders.

During this long academic journey, thousands of students have graduated from the National School of Sciences, let alone other institutions under the NIST Foundation. In the constantly changing context brought about by digital technology, uncertainty and global competitiveness, I have realized that our teachers require upskilling on a constant basis, operation model needs new strategy and infrastructure and facilities demand refurbishment. Therefore, we will focus our resources on building a strong leadership team, training and developing teachers and enhancing the facilities so that all these institutions are adequately equipped, and able to produce graduates who are globally competitive, adaptable and lifelong learners.

I would like to share with you that our ultimate goal is to turn the foundation into a university, and offer its own independent academic programmes to produce human capital that are able to address the needs of society and transform the nation. I assure that the National School Sciences is the place where students achieve not only their academic ambition but also nurture their potential to become a better human being.

Dr. Madhav Prasad Baral

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Our Programs

Science (+2)

Science (+2)

NEB Science Programme

The Science programme is designed to instill fundamental conceptual of the sciences, and generate an interest for students to pursue a major in the physical and biological sciences. The course is designed to study and teach sciences so as to encourage and enable learners to develop inquiring minds and curiosity about science and the natural world. The science students are encouraged to acquire knowledge, conceptual understanding and skills to solve problems and make informed decisions in scientific and other contexts.

After completion of the high school science programme, students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the academic programmes of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Computer Science and IT, Medical and Paramedical sciences and Engineering among others, and involve in research and development in the diverse fields of Science and Technology.


NO. Grade 11 Grade 12
01. English English
02. Physics Physics
03. Chemistry Chemistry
04. Mathematics Mathematics
05. Biology / Computer Biology / Mathematics

Management (+2)

Management (+2)

NEB Management Programme

The Management programme follows the academic curriculum prescribed by the National Examination Board (NEB), and is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of business concepts and their theoretical underpinnings. At NSS, we provide the students of the Management stream with an array of classroom activities beyond their requisite courses in the form of non–credit courses including but not limited to communication skills, leadership skills, collaborative and entrepreneurial development to enhance, and stimulate their information literacy skills. We aim to equip the students with a strong foundation that supports advanced study in business and stimulate innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. The NEB course in Management prepares students for future careers such as advertising, banking, investment and financial services, general management, human resources, public relations and retail management among others.


No. Grade 11 Grade 12
Compulsory Subjects
01. Accoutancy Accoutancy
02. Economics Economics
03. English English
04. Nepali Business Mathematics / Marketing
Optional Subjects (Any one)
01. Basic Mathematics Basic Mathematics
02. Business Studies Business Studies
03. Computer Science Computer Science

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