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Message from the Chairperson

Message from the Chairperson

Greetings from Liberty College

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to share some of my thoughts through this prospectus. I have joined the Liberty College along with a new team with a hope of taking it to a new height which is so challenging by itself. As New Year 2075 marks the history, the path is new like ever before, the challenges are formidable and the outcomes are uncertain. But our resolve is strong and our goals are clear. Wisdom today lies in learning.

Liberty College will now be more committed to promote value system conducive to the pursuit of excellence, as well as concern for social equity. The College will now be involved in promoting creativity, innovation and enterprise and will now be slowly emerging as one of the major players in providing quality management education in the country.

By resolving long standing problems of political uncertainty, Nepal should now be moving towards achieving sustained double-digit growth so that Nepal will become one of the most preferred global destinations for foreign investors. With this, Nepal is trying to leave behind the era of modest savings, low investment and low growth and is striving towards fastest growing economies.

There has been a revolution in hopes and aspirations of Nepalese people which is such an energy that drives our nation’s growth and economic transformation. Today rural Nepal is in the pace of transformation and rural people are being empowered by owning a mobile phone or having an easy access to at least a school education. They are seeking lives of greater dignity and well being through the right to education and employment. Though the country has achieved success in several fields, yet we still have to deal with the problems of mass poverty, hunger, disease and corruption. We have to upgrade skills and boost industries which can provide employment opportunities to our graduates. All the efforts of Liberty College are now directed towards this end only.

With best wishes,

Prof. Radhe Shyam Pradhan, Ph.D.


Life at Liberty College

Our Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)-PoU

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)-PoU

BBA at Liberty College is designed to promote and prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the areas of business and management. The degree is highly valued by reputed corporate houses and business enterprises. BBA opens many opportunities for its graduates both as managers and also as entrepreneurs. The BBA at the Liberty College has established itself as one of the widely accepted degrees in the country and abroad.

Since its inception in 2009, the Liberty College BBA program has been receiving overwhelming response from the concerned communities. The program covers a period of four academic years spread over eight semesters and 120 credit hours. The program also requires students to complete a project work and an internship. The first four semesters are devoted to build the fundamental concept of management. The last four semesters offer elective and specialization courses which enable the students to develop specialized and focused skills and knowledge in the area of their choice.

Career Aspects – BBA Program
After 10+2 or intermediate level exams, students’ immediate focus shifts to choosing a professional course that may help realize their dream career. While career options in engineering, medicine, commerce and science generally dominate student’s choice after their higher secondary education, management programs like BBA at undergraduate level also presents lucrative career options in the world of business and corporate management.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at under graduate level offers a comprehensive understanding of business environment and management functions. This course also helps student to learn leadership qualities and develop their problem solving abilities, which are much required in today’s competitive and complex business environment.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)-PoU

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)-PoU

The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) provides students with sound conceptual knowledge, skills, and attitude required for the various areas of business and hospitality management. The BHM program aims at developing students’ intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education with courses related to hospitality management. The program is targeted at building leadership qualities required for managing business functions especially of hospitality industry. The program also aims to produce entrepreneurs who can initiate small scale hotel and restaurant business.

Bachelor of Hotel Management is a four year program comprising of eight semesters of six months each. The first four semesters are full of theory as well as practical. Students will have to do internship in seventh and eighth semesters. BHM in total is of 138 credit hours course.

Students experience with firsthand knowledge of industry standards and roles especially in food production, confectionary, food & beverage service, front office, accommodation operations and room division etc. Taking into considerations the changing trends and competition, Liberty College offers value-added programs, a mentoring and coaching system and a well established industry-academic interaction that is in place to fuel the rise academically.

After completion of all the requirements of the four year study program, graduates will be able to:
• occupy supervisory/managerial positions in the hotel and catering industry with adequate background of management functions;
• acquire technical and social knowledge and skills required for professional handling of hotel and catering operations;
• apply management skills for greater economy and success of business operations;
• set standards for quality assurance of the services offered to customers;
• develop positive attitude towards the trade with greater initiative and self confidence in handling the operations; and become a successful entrepreneur in a small/medium size enterprise.

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