College of Business Management (CBM)

College of Business Management (CBM)

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Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

l want to extend my sincerest congratulations to the students who passed SEE with flying colors and welcome them to CBM on behalf of our management team through this column. CBM is one of the best educational institutes in Nepal that strives to provide quality education in the field of management.

Our approach to teaching at CBM encourages original ideas and a proactive outlook that preserves and enhances the essence of business. We strive to challenge conventional wisdom through meticulous learning and empower our students to change the way the world does business.

In a report by the Chartered Management Institute, they mentioned that 70% of employers believed that students should study modules that specialize in hard and soft skills such as entrepreneurship, leadership, and management.

The report is a statement of demand from the market. It dictates that the business world requires personnel with leadership, communication, problem-solving, decision making, analytical, and planning skills. CBM wishes to provide that and much more.

CA Suman Neupane


Life at College of Business Management (CBM)

Our Programs

Management (+2)

Management (+2)

Under NEB and TU, CBM is running a total of four programs; +2, BBM, BBS, and MBS. In the +2 program, we are offering a range

of courses that are crucial for the career development of the students in the future. They are designed to complement one

another. The subjects for the +2-management program are:


Secondary Education (Class 11—12)

    Grade XI                                                     Grade XII

    Compulsory English                                    Compulsory English

    Compulsory Nepali                                      Accountancy

    Accountancy                                               Economics

    Economics                                                  Hotel Mgmt/C.Science/ Business Std./  Travel &Tourism/Basic Maths

    Hotel Mgmt/C.Science/ Business Std./        Business Maths/Marketing                     

    Travel & Tourism/Basic Maths/Finance   


The proposed course by the National Examination Board (NEB) for the upcoming session are highlighted below:


                                                       Credit Hour (Class 11)     Credit Hour (Class 12)


    Nepali                                                   3                                           3

    English                                                 A                                           A

    Social Studies                                      5                                           —

    Life Skill                                               5                                            5

    Accounts                                              5                                            5

    Economics                                            5                                           5

    Total                                                    27                                         27

    Optional (Additional)                             5                                           5





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