About Us

Virinchi college is established with an objective to bridge the education and industry. It has been consistently offering global standard education for Nepalese students to become job ready.  Besides internationally recognized degrees we offer various valued skilled courses that has significantly high demand among the industries. Our consistent effort is towards design and upgrade curriculum which inculcates lifelong learning attitude among our students. Our effort is to attract probing learners and offer them unparalleled learning exposure and experiences.

Virinchi is in partnership with Asia e University (AeU), a collaborative multinational University established as the outcome of initiative of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD). AeU is established with the support of 34 ACD member countries including Nepal. 

We focus on making students ready for change, inculcate the art of thinking innovatively to solve problems and imbibe behavioral and domain skills with a focus on values to join the workforce of a company. Moreover we are committed to produce globally competent graduates who can fit themselves in the multi-cultural environment. 

Message from the Chairman

Aakash Shimkhada

Greetings! Many thanks for your interest in Virinchi College.

It is our deepest desire to serve the society by molding the technocrats and business leaders of tomorrow.

To this end, we have endeavored to create a world-class educational institution that is complete in every way. Be it facilities or faculty, curriculum or career guidance, we seek to offer the very best to our students. Education that is thorough, purposeful and meets the requirements of today's job market; education that disciplines and inculcates values; education that is more emphasized on skill enhancement trainings; education that is in tune with the changing dynamics of today's competitive world - that is the kind of education that Virinchi offers.

Good education is the foundation for a secure, prosperous and exciting future. Our students, the learners of today, are well trained to face and cope with the challenges of a highly competitive future. SMART BY INTELLECT - perhaps a cliché today, for us, it’s the goal to make our students smart to create an accomplished life.

Your future begins at Virinchi College. 




The Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides an integrated set of learning opportunities for scholars interested in initiating self-employment as well as in mastering essential skills, knowledge and mindset in managing organizations at par with global standards. Virinchi MBA is Asia e University degree with rigorous teaching methods to excel in modern business world i.e. tailored to best suited for 'WORKING PROFESSIONALS' and 'ENTREPRENEURS' looking to take leaps and bounce in their career. It is onsite learning i.e. classroom oriented trimester based two years program with specialization in entrepreneurship. The program includes core, elective and specialization modules. Different modules have been prepared to meet the requirement of business and future demands for diverse profession and career perspective.


Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) is an utmost demanding professional program of new generation. BICT is a four years under graduate honors degree program with specialization in Software Engineering. It develops competent students with skills to create innovative solutions for the digital world. We instill intellect into students considering future demands, business requirements, career perspective and features of programming languages through rigorous trainings and project based add-ons of global standards in each semester. The BICT program delivers in-depth academic knowledge and exercises for skills in Software Engineering based on Hand-On-Lab. The course design incorporates learning environment to boost practical skills. Not just domain skills, our graduates have in depth 360 degree skills. BICT graduates may choose to be an entrepreneur or work in world class organizations in promising areas of ICT. Globally human resource demands in these areas are increasing rapidly, so is the remuneration, as graduates are being more innovative competent and skilled.



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