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V.S. Education Foundation is one of the leading, reputed and’ renowned institution well known for its never ending dedication and devotion to quality education and has been a candid temple of knowledge and wisdom for many years. V.S. Education Foundation is a natural out- come of the institutional expansion of an education system aiming to co-ordinate all the educational activities of the institution so that the tradition and standard of excellence established at V.S. Niketan is uniformly maintained in all levels of teaching and learning under the same roof. The institution has been established with all the necessary physical and academic facilities functioning from Pre-Primary to Bachelors level of education, which forms an academic center of excellence. Established in the year 2038 B.S.(1981 A.D.) by the genuine efforts of venerated Founder Principal Dr. B.R. Pokharel, V.S. Niketan has been progressing exceptionally. Its immense expansion owes greatly to the genuine blend of the tire- less effort of the hard working dynamic founder principal, skilled and experienced administrative bodies, resourceful teachers, Guardians and all. Due to this, its expansion has reached the summit of success and is never exhausted. It still strives for forthcoming sparkling endeavor.

Message from the Principal

Ms. Anamika Srivastava

Education is not just a process of imparting knowledge but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life in a right path. We, at VS Niketan recognize that the most important thing is ensuring our kids have the best possible future, not just in terms of taking steps towards becoming productive members of societies compatible with the current century but also in terms of becoming empathetic individuals capable with the skills to help our mission of serving the broader society. We pride the institution on its years of excellence in the field of education and the drive to reach newer heights. A drive that can only be successful with the close collaboration between our teachers, staff, students and the lovely parents who have supported us in every endeavor. It is our pleasure to continue to serve you through the VS Education Foundation with assurance of an institution that has stood firm shaping thousands of futures.




Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) incorporates management concepts & reality-based skills integrating them with the latest changes in the business environment. The programme concentrates on specialized areas such as accounting, finance, human resource management, or marketing. It also builds a foundation in allied areas such as language, economics, statistics, and law that help students to understand management practices & market needs. Because of the entrepreneurial skills & functional expertise nurtured, graduates eventually become effective agents of change in society.


Bachelor of Computer Applications is a three-year undergraduate course which deals with information technology and computer applications. The course imparts knowledge about different computer applications and how to solve and address the problems which arise from a computer and its applications.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) provides a fundamental education in business and management principles allowing students to specialize in one of multiple concentration areas, including business economics, administration, finance, human resources, or accounting. The programme enables graduates to explore various real-life opportunities that help them later in managing companies.


A bachelor of social work (BSW) gives students the knowledge and skills to succeed in the social work field. BSW and bachelor of art in social work (BASW) programs generally offer students a broad foundation for generalist social work practice.


Bachelor of Business Management is the full form for BBM is an undergraduate degree programme to learn Business Management. It is a three years course offered by various universities and colleges both, private and public.







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