About Us

The Bridgewater Education Foundation and Research Center is founded by visionary individuals from different walks of life; each having knowledge and expertise in their own field which is marked by their overwhelming success and achievements nationally and internationally. The foundation consists of - Bridgewater International College (+2 Programs - Science, Management and Humanities) - Danfe College (Bachelors Program - BCA and BBS) - Bridgewater International School (Play Group to Class X)

Message from the Chairperson

Deepak Pandey

Dear Students, Parents and Well-wishers, With the concept of globalization in the modern world serving in different part of the world is a common phenomenon. For this acquiring the character and strength of a global citizen is the first condition. Education one gets opens the door to this direction. In this context, academic pursuit of students is becoming more challenging in Nepal as they strive seeking for the right institution, inside and outside the country. To encourage them to find the best seminary for their further studies, BWIC facilitates every student with holistic educational values that instils in them the feeling of universal humanity, which is undoubtedly the essence of education. Our various co-curricular activities serve as a platform for the students to explore their innate abilities. We nurture your dreams of becoming the best among all, make it more prominent, and consistently oversee your daily schedules to ensure that you reach out to your goal of a secured and career-oriented future aligning with your dreams. Thank you.









Sinamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal


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